Back home!

Hello, it’s our last day in Ireland and we are a little bit upset but we are happy to see our families again.

We have arrived to Rockbrook in the morning and after the lunch we have gone by bus to the airport. We have bought the last souvenirs at the duty free and gone to the plane.

The boys ready to go home

All the boys have enjoyed his experience in Ireland and I’m sure they will recommend it to their friends.

Enjoy the photos that haven’t appeared in the blog!

Edu Pliego experience

Hello, my name is Edu, I’m 12 years old and I live in Barcelona. I have 5 siblings and all my older brothers went to Ireland when they had my age.

At the begging I was in Wicklow but I moved to Dublin and now I go to st Olaf’s school with Aritz and Jan. The school is easier than in Spain and it has different timetables but the best of it is we don’t have homework in the weekend.

When the school finishes I use to play in the green with my brothers until it gets dark. Then we go home to have dinner and talk with the family. They are very friendly.

On Saturday I go to Rockbrook to have an English lesson and then I go with my friends to do funny activities like bowling or minigolf.

I hardly recommend coming to Ireland because you learn a lot of English, personal skills and you enjoy a lot.

Aritz Anton experience

Hello, my name is Aritz, I’m 12 years old and I study in La Farga.

I came to Ireland for 9 weeks to learn English and it is my second time here because I came last year. My Irish parents names are Philip and Jin, and my siblings names are Philip and Ella Marie. I’m very happy with my host family because they are really nice and take care of me.

Here I attend st Olaf’s school, the same as Jan and Edu and my best friends in Ireland are Felipe and David. You can do many after school activities and I choose tennis.

The Saturday is the best day of the week because I see my friends from La Farga and we do excursions all together. We have gone to play minigolf, bowling, footgolf but the best has been Explorium, a huge science museum. I really liked Explorium because I learned a lot about science and because you can experiment a lot of machines.

Jordi Leal experience

Hello, my name is Jordi and I’m going to explain how was my experience in Ireland.

My first two weeks were really hard because I miss my family but now I’m really happy to be here. I’m living in Greystones but my school is in Bray.

In the afternoon I play with my siblings Kalem, Josh and Macey. My Irish dad is amazing because he tells me the Barça results when they play. My Irish mum is a brilliant cooker and she cooks delicious food.

I’m learning a lot of English and also I’m enjoying my stay. I think Ireland is a very good experience and you will enjoy it but you have to put some effort.

9th Saturday: TP exam and city center


It’s our last Saturday in Ireland and this morning the boys have made the TP exam so they will know which is his English level.

After the exam we have ate the lunch and have celebrate Edu’s birthday with a cake.

Later we have gone to visit the center of Dublin. Mr Bretons was our guide and he showed us the most important places and buildings. We have visited st Patrick’s cathedral, Christ Church, the City Hall, the Temple Bar pub and the O’Connell monument. We also have crossed the Halfpenny bridge and walked through Grafton street.

We have stopped at Carroll’s, an Irish shop to buy some souvenirs for our families and friends.

Finally, bus to Rockbrook, Holy Mass and batteries charged for the last week in Ireland.

8th Saturday: ice skating


Our Irish experience is coming to the end. In 12 days we are coming back to Spain and the boys are really excited.

Today we have gone to Dundrum to do ice skating but first we have had the last English class because next week the boys will be taking the TIE exam. And after the class an intense soccer match while we wait Lucas and Jean Paul who were playing rugby with the Blessington team.

We put on our ice skates and sliced over the ice for an hour. There were lots of falls but when the learned to skate there was lots of fun. We used some penguins at the begging and then we dropped and skate by our own.

After the skating we have gone to the shopping center to buy some snacks.

Lucas Sánchez experience

Hello! Today Lucas is going to explain us his Irish adventure.

Hi, my name is Lucas and I’m living in Blessington and I’m attending at st. Mary’s school.

The weekdays I use to wake up at 7:45 and I eat something before going to school. The Irish school is different than the Spanish because you have two breaks and you eat your lunch in the classroom. It also finishes at 2:30 and I like it because you have a long afternoon.

After the school my host mum collects me and Jean Paul and drops us off in my house or Jean Paul’s house. There we change our uniform for sportswear and we go outside to play football or basket. We play with some neighbors and since two weeks ago with Samuel and Carlota, two Spanish students living in Blessington. On Tuesday I play rugby for the local team (and I’m really good at it)

Every Saturday I go to Rockbrook where we have an English class and later we go to an excursion. I missed one of the excursions because I was with my family in a trip and I enjoyed a lot! This Saturday I’ll miss the English class because I’m going with my family to watch a rugby game but I’ll join the group later.

These are my days in Ireland. I hope you have enjoyed reading my writing.

See you soon!

Marcos Foncea adventure

Hi there!

Today Marcos will explain you his Irish adventure. Are you ready?

Hello, my name is Marcos and I’m 11 years old. In Ireland I’m living with the Kelly’s. In the family are 5 siblings: 3 boys and 2 girls. The parents names are Lorna and Daniel and the siblings names are Amelia, Ned, Odie, Kitty and Ethan. All of them are really funny. My family is fantastic, they are very polite and lovely.

I live in a small village called Enniskerry. In my house they have a dog, a cat, a hamster, horses and some chickens and hens.

I’m going to St. Mary’s School where I do maths, English and they do Gaelic but I don’t do this subject. After school I play with my siblings to Lego, cards or soccer. In addition in play soccer every Thursday and some weekends I play tennis with the family.

Here the timetable is a bit different than in Spain. For example, the school finishes at 2:30, the lunch is at 12:30 and the dinner is at 6:45! The weather is also different because it’s changing always. It rains a lot but we also have a few sunny hours.

I’m happy being here but I sometimes miss my family and my friends of La Farga. I’m sure that I’m going to learn a lot of English in this 9 weeks in Ireland.

See you soon!

7th Saturday: minigolf

Hello again!

We’ve been in a terrible week because of the weather. It has been raining every day and the temperature is going down. With these conditions the best option is doing an indoor activity.

After the English class and the packed lunch we have took a bus off to Dundrum. There is a big mall with an indoor minigolf with two paths inspired in the pre-Columbian culture: the Azteca and the Maya.

We have divided the group into two small groups and the winner has been Jan Ros, congrats!

After the minigolf we have gone to buy some snacks, smoothies or hamburgers. The boys were starving!

At 16:30 we took the bus off to Rockbrook and then we’ve gone to Mass at St. John the evangelist, a church near to the school.

Jean Paul’s Marcigliano adventure

Hello, today Jean Paul will explain us his Irish adventure.

Hi, my name is Jean Paul. In October 9th I was at the airport of Barcelona ready for going to Ireland for 2 months.

I’m living in Blessington and I’m attending st. Mary’s school. My family is very nice and I do a lot of things with them. Every Sunday I go for a walk with them and their dog. I’ve visited the Blessington lakes and the biggest house in Ireland. My school is really nice, very colorful, and the boys in my class are very friendly.

Since I’m here I’ve celebrated my saint (October 22th) and my birthday (October 31st). For my birthday mr. Bretons bought a cake and I celebrated my birthday with my friends from La Farga. In October 31st there is also a huge feast, not only in Ireland: Halloween. I’ve celebrated it with my host family and with Lucas Sanchez who lives near to my house. We went trick or treating together with our costumes and get a lot of chocolates and sweets.

My Irish mom has told me two more Spanish students will arrive soon to our neighborhood and I’m really excited of it! I play rugby for the local team and soccer with my host brother and the neighbors and if we have two more kids we will have more fun.

I also miss my family and is less than a month until I see they again. I’m enjoying a lot this experience and learning a lot of English but I miss them.

If you want to know more about the Ireland program ask me in the school or just read the blog! You’ll see there what we do!

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