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Dani’s experience

Hi! My name is Dani and I’m going to explain you my experience in Ireland.

Now we are heading to our last days here and these nine weeks have been amazing! At the beginning I was a little nervous but now I’ve made lots of friends.
At school everyone was so nice to me and they helped me with everything. The thing I liked most was Physical Education in the yard.
During the afternoon I was always playing with my host brothers or we also went outside to the green to play with kids from school.
Every Saturday we had to go to Dublin to take some English lessons because at the end we had to do an exam. But the best thing is that after the class we always went to a cool place like bowling, the zoo or Croke Park. The day of the exam we also went to buy presents for our Spanish families.
On Sundays the family took me to very nice places and to do cool things.
Im definitely going to miss lots of people that I’ve met here and I hope to see them again.

Lukas’ experience

Hello! My name is Lukas and I’m going to explain you my experience in Ireland.

At the beginning of this trip I was so nervous because I didn’t know how it was going to be the family. But when I saw my friends at the airport this nervousness was transformed into happiness.
When I arrived to my Irish home the first thing I did was eating pizza and play football with my host brother. I also have another host brother called Harry but he is 19 and he never plays outside. And also I have two host sisters called Lauren and Nahdira.
I wake up at 8:20 to go to school except for Wednesdays and Fridays that I wake up at 7:20 because I go to Gaelic football training before school. My school ends at 15:00 and after that I go walking from school to my house with my host brother Jonah. When I’m at home I have a snack and I play football with my neighbors until 21:00, dinner time. My favorite Irish dinner is curry chicken with rice. And then I go to sleep at 22:30 because I’m so tired.
One thing that have surprised me about Ireland is that no matter were you look you will see always a big green space and this is great for playing football or do any other sport. The saddest thing was that I couldn’t throw any firecracker on the 23th night and that I couldn’t spend my birthday with my family in the 24th.
But whatever, I think that coming to Ireland was one of my best decisions ever and I hope you come some day.

Marc’s experience

Hi! My name is Marc and I’m going to explain you my experience in Ireland.

For these two months everything has changed in my life but it has changed in a good way because my experience has been lovely. Ireland is a country absolutely different from Spain because, for example, here people live in states where the kids can play together everyday and they have lots of fun. I’ve never seen this in Spain. Here the meals are sooner. For example they have lunch around 11 and dinner around 17. In fact, some weekends we have had dinner at 14.
One of the things I don’t liked is the weather because most of the days is raining and I couldn’t go outside to play with my friends.
But in general Ireland has been an incredible experience because I’ve learned English and had fun with my friends.

Manuel’s experience

Hello! My name is Manuel and I’m going to explain you my experience in Ireland.

So, from the start, the first two weeks were strange and uncomfortable but you get adapted. With my family I went to a communion and I’ve make real friends.Every time you can understand better what people says to you. And you can talk more with your family and friends, which helps you to settle down.
The Saturdays were cool but the classes were a little bit boring but necessary. We had an exam that was really easy so it’s not something that should make you crazy. After the class you go with your friends to an excursion and you laugh and hang out with them.
The last day is coming and I’m a bit sad because probably I’ll never see again my Irish friends but I’m also excited because I’m coming back to Spain.

Diego’s experience

Hi! I’m Diego Moreno from Spain (Tarragona). My school choose me for coming to Ireland and learn more English. I like Ireland because is a small country with lots of mountains.

In the first family I was a little bored because I didn’t get along with the host brother so I spent the time in the trampoline playing by myself and playing with their dog. In the second family I’ve had lots of fun with Ryan, the host brother who is already in my class. We spend the afternoons playing in the garden or in the village with our friends.
After many weeks, the exam day arrived and I was scared of the writing because it’s the most difficult part but at least the exam was easy. I think I’m going to get a good mark.
That’s all! See you soon!

Bruno’s experience

Hello, my name is Bruno and I’m going to explain my experience in Ireland, where I’ve had lots of fun and I recommend everybody to come.

My host family is very nice. They also play lots of sports and they are very kind.
The school is very different from Spain because here finished between 14:00-15:00. I like the school so much because you have to bring you own lunch from home. This is known as the packed lunch. The thing that I most liked from Realt na Mara are the sports tournaments they did: soccer, ping pong or fronton. I’ve made lots of friends and the last day of school we had a pizza party and played a football match.
I joined a team of Gaelic football, a really popular sport in Ireland. Is a mix between football and American football and it was a little bit difficult at the beginning but then I won the final with my team.
On Saturdays we do very funny activities all the Spanish boys and girls: we have gone bowling, to an amusement park, to the beach, the zoo… Before the excursion we have an English class to prepare an exam we do to know our English level.
Here in Ireland I’ve learnt lots of English and I’m also more responsible and tidy. I hope you come to Ireland the following years.

Jan’s experience

Hi, my name is Jan and I’m going to talk about my days in Ireland.

First I’m going to talk about the family. I think I had a very good family. They are 4: Andrew, Nicola, Alex and Mya. Andrew is the father and he spends most of his time working but when he is free he is so funny. Nicola is the mother and she is nice and kind. Then we have Alex he is so friendly and lovely. He is also a very good football player. Finally we have Mya, she is a little girl who loves Irish dancing and gymnastics.
My school here is the Saint Patrick’s National School, I go to sixth class and my teacher is ms. Duff. Here I’ve made lots of friends and my best friend is a boy called Jamie. I also have learned lots of stuff and I’ve had lots of fun. Here the school finishes the 24th of June.
Each Saturday we go with the Spanish group to a tour and the one I liked the most has been the minigolf.
This has been my experience in Ireland. I hope now you know more about it you come other years.

9th Saturday: Tayto Park

Today it has been a huge day for the boys because we have gone to Tayto Park, Dublin’s amusement park.
We have decided to go there because we have a lot of things to celebrate: the end of the term and school, the exam because it went really good and last but not least Lukas’ birthday which was yesterday!

As we did the exam last week, today we didn’t have got English class so we could spent all the day in the park enjoying the rollercoasters, bumping cars and all kind of amusements. And Pau also have won an octopus!

We have arrived early in order to go to all places. Since the begging the boys have disappeared because they have been running all day from one place to another. At midday we have gathered back to have lunch all together. I’ve never seen anybody eating as fast as these boys! After eating their sandwiches back to the amusements and just before going back home we have sang happy birthday to Lukas and have eat the cake.

What an incredible way to finish their experience in Ireland! I hope you enjoy the photos. There aren’t too many but it was hard trying to catch the boys.

Álvaro’s experience

Hi! My name is Álvaro Colomina and I’m going to explain my experience in Ireland.

The first thing you see when you arrive to Ireland is your host family. This is a little bit confusing because you are living with someone you don’t know. During the first weeks I was asking questions constantly because I wanted to know about the country, the family and the school. But when I get with everything I started having such a good time. I can tell it because I’ve been through that.
What I liked the most about my family is that I hanged out with my brother, I played football with him in the afternoons, I’ve gone shopping and I’ve gone on holidays with them.
Another thing about Ireland is that every Saturday I go with all the Spanish students to have an English class and later on I go to an excursion. The class have helped me to prepare an exam that assess your English level. Some of the excursions I’ve gone are Croke Park (the national stadium for Gaelic games), Tayto Park or the beach.
Well, this has been my experience in Ireland. I hope all of you come here to have a great time.

8th Saturday: TIE exam and Dublin

Today has been the big day for the boys because they have had their TIE exam, a test that assess their written and oral skills throughout a writing and a speaking test. They had to talk about their projects, their stay in Ireland, a news story and a reading book. All of them have been working hard along the weeks in order to get the best grades as possible.

After the exam the boys had gone to Dublin to visit the city and buy some souvenirs. They have seen the iconic places such as st. Patrick’s cathedral, Christ Church, Temple Bar or the Trinity College.

Before going back to the bus they have had time to buy some presents for their families in Carrolls store.
Now that the exam is done the boys can relax and enjoy the last days in Ireland with their host families and friends.