Jean Paul’s Marcigliano adventure

Hello, today Jean Paul will explain us his Irish adventure.

Hi, my name is Jean Paul. In October 9th I was at the airport of Barcelona ready for going to Ireland for 2 months.

I’m living in Blessington and I’m attending st. Mary’s school. My family is very nice and I do a lot of things with them. Every Sunday I go for a walk with them and their dog. I’ve visited the Blessington lakes and the biggest house in Ireland. My school is really nice, very colorful, and the boys in my class are very friendly.

Since I’m here I’ve celebrated my saint (October 22th) and my birthday (October 31st). For my birthday mr. Bretons bought a cake and I celebrated my birthday with my friends from La Farga. In October 31st there is also a huge feast, not only in Ireland: Halloween. I’ve celebrated it with my host family and with Lucas Sanchez who lives near to my house. We went trick or treating together with our costumes and get a lot of chocolates and sweets.

My Irish mom has told me two more Spanish students will arrive soon to our neighborhood and I’m really excited of it! I play rugby for the local team and soccer with my host brother and the neighbors and if we have two more kids we will have more fun.

I also miss my family and is less than a month until I see they again. I’m enjoying a lot this experience and learning a lot of English but I miss them.

If you want to know more about the Ireland program ask me in the school or just read the blog! You’ll see there what we do!

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