Edu Pliego experience

Hello, my name is Edu, I’m 12 years old and I live in Barcelona. I have 5 siblings and all my older brothers went to Ireland when they had my age.

At the begging I was in Wicklow but I moved to Dublin and now I go to st Olaf’s school with Aritz and Jan. The school is easier than in Spain and it has different timetables but the best of it is we don’t have homework in the weekend.

When the school finishes I use to play in the green with my brothers until it gets dark. Then we go home to have dinner and talk with the family. They are very friendly.

On Saturday I go to Rockbrook to have an English lesson and then I go with my friends to do funny activities like bowling or minigolf.

I hardly recommend coming to Ireland because you learn a lot of English, personal skills and you enjoy a lot.


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